It is called a classical access panel f.strip on ceilings and walls in construction areas. The valve will provide easy access to inaccessible places such as the valve and will eliminate the dirty and messy appearance of the environment. The classical access panel f.strip can be used not only in areas such as valves, but also in electrical installations, air conditioning assembly or ventilation. You can get rid of both the accidents and the dirty appearance thanks to the classical access panel f.strip that can be opened with one touch. At the same time, there are many alternatives such as access panels not only with wicks but also sound-proof intervention panels, insulation supporting access panels, framed access panels, metal access panels, zero construction access panels. Coming to the external appearance of the acoustic access panel, there are drywall panels in the middle of the material. At the same time, its frames are also made of aluminum. For all these reasons, it was produced sensitively against sound.


There are many types of the access panels, the classical access panel f.strip  is a very functional tool that can adapt to any environment with its cover that can insulate light and dust. At the same time, unlike other access panels, it is produced in a fire and moisture-resistant manner. The access panel is two-sided functional equipment with different designs, both inner and outer frames. The classical access panel f.strip is also known for its sound insulation, barrier management against dust, and light. In this way, both an aesthetic stance and the integrity of the ceiling and wall will be provided. At the same time, they are sound sensitive and sensitively produced materials between the access panels.

What are the Features of CLASSICAL ACCESS PANEL F.STRIP?

The overall average dimensions of the classical access panel f.strip are between 20×20 cm and 60×60 cm. However, different sizes of acoustic access panels can be produced for areas with different sizes or for smaller areas. The main material of the classical access panel f.strip is drywall. The size of drywall is generally 12.5 mm. The classical access panel f.strip has an easy and practical mechanism for pressing and opening. In addition, it also includes the security system. The safety system of the classical access panel f.strip is an tool that you can use as you wish.