What is Louvered Vent Panel?

The Vent is the filter that provides the air exchange mechanism of the Panel systems. It prevents both the air distribution inside and the entry of insects such as pests. There are many areas of use in both apartments, buildings and offices. In order for people living in the same environment to lead a more comfortable life, oxygen inlet and outlet must be made. Otherwise, the interior will turn into both an oppressive and gloomy environment. Vent Panels are also generally found in humid environments. For example, they are the tools that provide air inlet and outlet in combi boilers, natural gas stoves and similar heating devices. It performs these operations and provides a better view in the environment. 

What Does Louvered Vent Panel Do?

The Louvered Vent Panel does not change according to your Vent. Although it is possible to produce in any size and dimensions, its external appearance is square or round. Users can order comfortably according to both their taste and area. In addition, people who use simple vent without Louvered Vent Panel will have a dirtier and worse appearance in their home. In addition, there are many vent and panel options. For example, the distributor vent and the collector vent. Louvered Vent Panel can adapt to both places. 

What are the Features of Louvered Vent Panel?

The main logic of the Louvered Vent Panel is the key system. Thanks to this system, which is very easy, it has the feature of mounting and removing in a practical way. In addition, the outer frame of the Louvered Vent Panel is fixed, while the inner frame has curved blades. The Louvered Vent Panel is very easy to install and use. You can easily make it ready for use with just push and open options. The overall average dimensions of the Louvered Vent Panel are between 20×20 cm and 60×60 cm. The main material of the Louvered Vent Panel is electrostatic powder coated. Louvered Vent Panel has many different options. For example; Louvered Vent Panel, Access panel without frame, acoustic, standard, aluminum, classical access panel f.strip, metal access panel etc. You can access any access panel option on our website.