What is Metal Access Panel?

Metal Access Panel is one of the indispensable products in electrical installations and construction sites, which makes the work practical in many areas. In general, although it is called an Access Panel, there are Access Panels with many different features and appearances. At the same time, Access Panels have different main structures. For example, such as ceramic metal Access Panel, painted metal Access Panel. Let's talk briefly about the outer appearance of the metal Access Panel. The Access Panel has two frames, external and internal. In general, the outer frame of the metal Access Panel is made of galvanized material, sheet steel or integrated. The inner cover is made of stainless steel. In addition, the metal Access Panel is available in square and round appearance options.   

What Does the Metal Access Panel Do?

The metal Access Panel is the most preferred among the Access Panels in terms of appearance. The Access Panel, which makes the work practical by adapting to every environment and construction area, has many different colors in different scales. It will provide access to electrical installations or connections that cannot be reached in all areas. It is preferred for both decorative and functional purposes. Let's talk briefly about the application areas of the metal Access Panel. This Access Panel can be easily used on plasterboard walls, construction ceilings or walls.    

What are the Features of the Metal Access Panel?

The general average dimensions of the metal Access Panel are between 20×20 cm and 60×60 cm. However, metal Access Panels in different sizes can be produced for areas with different dimensions or for smaller areas. The metal Access Panel has double wings and there are quality safety transoms to ensure your safety. At the same time, it is coated with electrostatic-proof powder for the absence of aesthetics. The main material of the metal Access Panel is drywall. The size of drywall is generally 12.5 mm. At the same time, the metal Access Panel has a push-to-open system. The safety wire of the acoustic Access Panel consists of galvanized and measures approximately 2 mm. Composite painted aluminum material, which is resistant up to 200 degrees, also shows that it is very durable and high quality. In addition, although the acoustic Access Panel varies according to the size, there are production alternatives with two openings.