What is the Classical Access Panel?

Classical access panels, partition walls, ceiling partitions, control covers, electrical installations, in short, are the preferred equipment in every part of the construction areas. You can easily reach and intervene in ceiling, plasterboard and wall areas that you cannot reach by preventing visual pollution both in construction areas, in your homes and in your offices. It can be used in places such as bad appearance in all respects, a crowded background, air gap where a lot of cables are required. In addition, the classical access panel can be produced in shape and features according to the needs of the users. At the same time, the walls of construction areas, suspended ceilings, electrical installations, etc. It is used to intervene more safely and quickly in areas. The classical access panel is functional against both sound, light, and noise pollution. Aluminum material is used on the inside and outside of the classical access panel, which prevents sound and light.

What Does the Classical Access Panel Do?

The classical access panel is one of the most preferred access panels in our country and in the world. In addition, the main function of the classical access panel is to have a fire-resistant systematic. It is also 100% moisture resistant. Classical access panels are very affordable and have an aesthetic appearance. For example, it provides access to parts to be cleaned or repaired in electrical installations, ceiling or wall partitions.

What are the Features of the Classical Access Panel?

The classical access panel has a very easy installation and use. You can easily make it ready for use with just press and open options. The general average dimensions of the classical access panel are between 20×20 cm and 60×60 cm. At the same time, the classical access panel has multiple opening options. However, in areas with different dimensions or for smaller areas, classical access panel in different sizes can be produced. The main material of the classical access panel is drywall. The size of drywall is generally 12.5 mm. The classical access panel has many different options. For example; Framed out access panel green unframed access panel, acoustic, classical, aluminum, classical access panel F. STRIP, metal access panel etc. and you can access any access panel option on our site.