What is Zero Construction Access Panel?

Construction access panels are versatile tools used in the installation and construction industry. At the same time, access panels have options with different functions. For example, some access panels are preferred in ceramic and aluminum materials, while some access panels are preferred in electrical installations. Zero construction access panel is one of the preferred equipment in electrical fields. Zero construction access panel is used in electrical installations of ventilation, electrical installations of air conditioners, electrical installations of valves, and in many other areas. Zero construction access panels will provide a more aesthetic appearance in mixed assemblies.

What Does the Zero Construction Access Panel Do?

Among the access doors, the most preferred access door in electrical installations is the zero construction access door. There are circular details on the frame of the zero construction access panel. Thanks to these details, plaster protection is provided. Thus, Thus, electrical systems, air conditioners, valves, etc. An aesthetic appearance is provided without visual pollution in all kinds of mechanisms.

What are the Features of Zero Construction Access Panel?

If you prefer the zero construction access panels in your construction and electrical fields, but do not have information about their features, you are at the right address. First of all, the zero construction access panel has a very easy operating system. It can be opened and closed with a simple open bass system. In addition, there is absolutely no need to doubt in terms of security when in use. It is produced with 100% safety transom. For this reason, it is an access panel that you can choose in electrical installations with peace of mind.

Zero construction access panel has special productions of 12.5 mm for gypsum boards. At the same time, there is the possibility of special production for parts of different sizes and lengths. In addition to special production, special productions can be carried out for those who need two-fold use. In addition, the frame of the access panel is made entirely of aluminum and has an electrostatic powder-coated appearance. At the same time, the zero construction access panel is very durable and shows durability between -40 degrees and +90 degrees. The safety wire of the zero construction access panel consists of galvanized material and is approximately 2 mm long.